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Endpoint Antivirus Renewal - odd behaviors


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We have XP and Windows 7 machines and are experiencing some odd behaviors after uninstall of Endpoint Security (too robust for our needs) and install of Endpoint Antivirus.


XP machine - uninstalled Endpoint Security, installed Enpoint Antivirus, all worked well for over a month, now the ESET version reads Endpoint Security (instead of Antivirus), it's rejected the code used to install Endpoint Antivirus but the license renewal date of 12/2014 is correct in the software. 


Windows 7 machine- reverted back to NOD 32 (installed prior to Endpoint Security) and will not accept license renewal code. Had to uninstall NOD 32 and install Endpoint Antivirus. (We do not want to have to do this work twice.)


Any help / information is appreciated.

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As for EES being robust, the fact that it includes Web control, Firewall and Antispam doesn't make it heavy on resources. Firewall not only allows for controlling network communications, it is also capable of blocking malicious packets when an attempt to exploit known vulnerabilities is detected.


Regarding the issue with accepting your renewal code, please contact the distributor from whom you purchased your license (probably ESET, LLC).

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Right - it wasn't that Endpoint Security was heavy on resources, it was the firewall feature caused problems on some of our machines (esp. those using a shared version of Quickbooks).


I will double check w our vendor as to the license username and password, but, originally we were able to install Endpoint Antivirus using the username/password provided by our vendor, so I'm not sure it's an issue w/ the license.


Our suspicions point to an ESET update - we installed the software late Dec./ early Jan. on several machines, there was an ESET update I think around Jan. 11 and I think something in the update has affected how ESET is working on several of our machines. We have had to uninstall the software, and reinstall it using the username / password provided to us by our vendor (which worked). We are trying to avoid having to uninstall and reinstall the software on all of our machines. We did not push the install out through our servers.


Thanks in advance for any additional insights.

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