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All PC's showing under one computer

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I recently started a roll out of new PC's for the office and I decided to use a new version of the eset client for the server. I got everything setup and it all looked good. As a started with my deployment I noticed none of the new PC's would show up in the console but one. One of the first PC's I deployed is showing up and none of the other computers I am deploying are. Any computer that is not using my image shows up normally as its own computer though.

As I started getting security notifications I noticed in the path given was on a bunch of different machines in varying people's user folders. All of the computers are reporting as the same one. I have tried re-installing with no luck. C:/ProgramData/ESET/RemoteAdministrator/Agent/EraAgentApplicationData/Logs/status.html shows green for every category. DNS is working fine and I am able to resolve all the computers correctly from my computer or the server eset is running on.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advanced

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  • ESET Staff

If ESMC server is in use (and not older ERA 6.5 & older) it should report section "questions", where duplicated entries will be reported.  What kind of computers are those? Cloning detection is based on various HW identifiers, including SMBIOS ID, which might not be correctly set on self-assembled devices (but should work reliably for common vendors like Lenovo, Dell, HP & others).

If you have used the ERA 6.5 agent, the only thing I can recommend is to use "reset cloned agent task".

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