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ESMC 7 ERA Web Console - How to import 3rd party SSL certificate

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I am trying to resolve the browser warning that occurs when accessing the ESET 7 ERA webconsole. 

I have a SSL certificate for the ESET Virtual Appliance generated by our inhouse CA but cannot determine how to import the certificate for use just by the ERA web server.

There are a number of articles relating to use of certificates for server and client components and interactions but I only want to change the certificate used by the ERA webconsole.  We have a Virtual Appliance installed (i.e. ESET webconsole is not installed on a Windows Server). 

Interestingly, changing the certificate used by WEBMIN on the VA was straightforward.



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In appliance, ESMC console is hosted in Apache Tomcat (official CentOS7 package), so you have to modify it's configuration. Configuration file should be located in /etc/tomcat/server.xml. Only known complication is that Apache Tomcat has some special requirements for naming certificate, especially when java keystore file is used.

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