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Agent use 50% CPU continuously

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After a time ESET Agent start using of 50% CPU continuously.


Win 7 Enterprise 32 bit virtual machine on XenServer 7.0







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  • ESET Staff

Couly you please create memory dump of ERAAgent.exe process (in this high-CPU usage) and provide them to use either using private message, or through support ticket in case it was opened in the meantime. We have similar reports only from WindowsXP/Windows2003 systems to this time.

Also does 50% CPU means that there are are only two cores/CPU available for this machine?

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I am struggling with this random issue aswell .  every day i receive a call  from some users complaining for a slowdown of their virtual pc.

The agent version is 7.0.577.0  ,  i had issue with previous version too.

only a reboot can fix (temporally)  the issue

i have provided a memory dump of the process.


edit :  i opened a support ticket  [Ticket#5049737] , as per instructions received , i generated a full memory dump of the machine.
note: as this issue occurs on a random basis and because the machine is virtual,  i used the suspend trick to obtain the memory dump




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provide a full memory dump
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i just received the answer of the support:

note :i have provided memory dumps and all required logs:




thank you providing us with additional logs. Due to the nature of this issue I have asked our developers for help. They have already replied to me that this issue is already reported as bug. It appears that this is aimed to be fixed in ESMC v7.1 which is planned to be release in 3rd quarter of 2019. As of now there aren't any workarounds



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