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Does NOD32 send the URLs of visited websites to its servers as part of Web Access Protection?


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NOD12 Antivirus has two features that I'm interested in: Web Access Protection and Anti-Phishing Protection, which scan online traffic. The Anti-Phishing part is more or less clear, it says NOD32 downloads the lists of known phishing sites locally and does its scan locally without sending the URLto ESET servers. Is this correct?

I couldn't find any info on the Web Access Protection shied. Does it work similarly?

Does NOD32 have any other features that send the browsing habit to ESET servers?


Thank You.

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ESET doesn't send visited URLs unless related to malware detection. Blacklists are local; either downloaded within the Rapid response module or by LiveGrid in regular intervals. Only Parental control (not part of ESET NOD32 Antivirus) sends DNS requests in an encrypted form to ESET's servers to determine a particular website's classification.

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