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Can Internet Security Settings Be Imported Into Smart Security?

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My Internet Security license will be expiring soon.

I have purchased a license for Smart Security. Would like to experiment with the password manager feature. I have extensive custom settings for Internet Security and do not want to manually reenter all of them into Smart Security. If EIS Import is not possible into Smart Security, I will just stick with Internet Security.

Also, I have seen registry settings related to ESS on my EIS build. Is there anyway to convert my existing EIS install to ESS without removing EIS and installing ESS?

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Importing and exporting the config doesn't help in your case?

Try to make a virtual machine and install Smart Security , import the config and see if it works well , remove the VM , and install it on your physical PC

Or maybe there is an option as upgrade where you download the installer and you just install and the installer will just upgrade the Internet Security to  Smart Security , maybe I don't know.

If I am not wrong, ESET Smart Security is just the same as Internet Security with just added 1 or 2 features more than the Internet Security , so they should be identical to eachother , where your config doesn't have rules for the other 2 features where that won't make a problem , If I am correct.

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