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1 admin + 1 user on same machine and same OS = 2 licenses?

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I am running Windows XP on my machine with 2 users: 1 admin and 1 user.


As the user may not install any piece of software, I have installed and activated ESET Smart Security on the Admin account. When I log in as a normal user, ESET Smart Security as a 30-day trial version and prompts me to activate it again.


My questions: Why do I have to activate it as a user while it has already been done by the admin? If I have to activate it as a user, will this be deducted from the number of machine licenses I am entitled to (currently 3)?


Note: This is NOT a topic linked to the activation for multiple boot (i.e. different OS).

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Hello Reeve.


Hmmm...I use XP SP3 and I have never had issues like that. I install ESET while logged in as Admin, and when I login into the LUA account the ESET splash screen shows as normal and the ESET icon green -> "e" shows in the systray as usual. 


You must install ESET in the admin account. I guess by "user account" you mean a Limited user account (LUA) yes?


And no you only need one license for both the Admin and LUA as they are user accounts on the same OS.

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