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Setting up ESET for iOS

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We have been trying to setup the moble solution for a couple of days now and are not able to get the iOS art fully working.


Workstations and Android work fine but iOS users receive this message when accessing the enrollment link:

Invalid APN certificate

No APNS certificate has been provided to Mobile Device Connector.  Enrollment does not support iOS devices.

Please contact your administrator



We run the ESMC on premise (data center VM) All certificates were generated and uploaded trough the web interface (includes Apple push certificate).  Certificate are assigned in the mobile connector (policies).


Is there an important setup step that is not mentioned anywhere?  We have started over the deployment and generated new certificates 3 times now and still no success.


Note that we tested on iOS12 and older iOS phones with the same results

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  • ESET Staff


"No APNS certificate has been provided to Mobile Device Connector"

For iOS devices to be able to communicate with MDM You need to acquire APNS certificate. 1)

For iOS 12 devices it is recommended to have HTTPS certificate from 3rd party issuers due to Apple enforcing ATS (set of requirements on certificate and transport encryption) on MDM.

If that's not possible You can create ESMC signed certificate in webconsole when server is in Advanced Security mode.


1) https://support.eset.com/kb6368/?locale=en_US&viewlocale=en_US

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