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Google+ login

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Hello Forum users,

As most of you probably know, Google is shutting down Google+ later this year - and as one of the shutdown steps, the Google+ login will stop working too. Since Google+ is one of the login options on our Forum as well, we have prepared this post with information about the process.

While the shutdown will happen on March 7, 2019, some login attempts may intermittently fail starting today (January 28, 2019), as Google is shutting the service down gradually. In case your login attempt via Google+ fails, please try again.

We anticipate an update to the forum soon. This will replace the Google+ login option with a Google account login option, which will continue to work after the social network ceases its operation. The switch should be seamless and you should be able to continue using your accounts just as before.

In case you have a dedicated Forum username and password, you can also use these to log in, regardless of the current status of the Google login plugin.

Users logging in via different social channels or with Forum credentials are not affected by this change.


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