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certificate Passwort unknown after Upgrade 6.X ->7

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I Sucessfully Upgradet ESET ERA 6.4.304.0 with the Upgrade task to ESET SMCS 7.0.471.0.  (cent OS)

After that I wanted to push the new Agent to the clients, but now it needs a Cert-passwort to do so.

I never used any Password for the certifiacate in the old Version, but now I need one?



my Question is:

 -> Is there some standard Password that ERA 6.x uses for its Certs, and what is it ?

 -> or can I just write a new password new for the Cert ?


Best regards

Zdenko Rendic

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Ok thx, I just started one for the test, and it scohuld upgrade to version 7.


But the Problem is that I cant push ESET Agent to a NEW Client, because it gives me the same error, that the Cert or the Cert password is wrong.

In that case I cant use the component upgrade task, because it is a new client, right ?




The German Error tells me, the the Certificate is wrong or has a wrong passwort....



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Ok, I found the solution.

After upgrading ERA 6.x to 7.x I rebootet it once, and I had this Error with the Cert. 
I rebootet the ERA one more time, and had the Problem that I could not log in, error: "Not connected".
I used following solution to fix the log in Problem: https://support.eset.com/kb6760/
Note: this Login problem happens only if you update all the Packages over the Webadmin Console (https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:10000)

Now the the Cert error was gone and I could Push ESET Agent and Products to the Clients.

Edited by Zdenko Rendic
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