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ESMC SQL Device Infos

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can someone say me in witch table i found the following thinks:

- Computername, last Connection, FQDN, Serialnumber

   /// optional the primary keys to connect the tables if its not clear like computer_id  /// also optional known problems of the pc

In the past FQND and Serial was not list but with ESMC there are some new device informations, i hope this is now possible.


I need this for a adjustment with a other system.

ESMC Version 7.0.577.0

Thx and relaxed weekend :)

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  • ESET Staff

@HSW IF you need this, I would recommend to create a report and then schedule its delivery. We do not provide DB tables documentation, as DB structure changes frequently with releases, and it´s not a recommended method to extract information (directly from the tables).

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@MichalJ A report doesnt help, when i want to check if a agent is not working correct, i need to check against other systems like AD and our deploy system (connection time is a good index for this). With the FQND i have a good Key. AD is clear and our deploy management tool also. But for ESET i dont find the table for it. The others i found. i only need the table for the FQND. I know that the tables could change in the feature but my boss want this so i must do it :p

This is only a Daily or weekly SQL trigger so performance is not the problem.

Please help with this one table tip please

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