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Start Nod32 v12 in background after booting and without browser message


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I just upgraded from Nod32 v8 to the Nod32 2019 edition (v12.0.31). When i boot my PC my browser (firefox) opens automatically and shows the ESET help site. This is nice for the first time, but after a few days this is quite annoying. Can anyone tell me how to disable this "feature"? I did search in the advanced menu, but did not manage to find the correct option to disable it.

Nod32 also pops up to the start screen after booting, I would like to keep it in the background just like it worked with Version 8.

Can anyone help me?


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9 minutes ago, Marcos said:

That shouldn't happen. Try uninstalling v12 and installing it from scratch.

That worked :) Simple as that ! Thank you!

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