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Interactive Firewall mode + DayZ Standalone = no go

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I'm having problems with DayZ Standalone game, which is updated on a regular basis. I also run ESS with firewall in interactive mode. Everytime DayZ standalone is updated and I start the game, the game hangs when I go to server list. The problem is, I can't even shut it down, as the windows cursor changes to game cursor when my mouse is not over the taskbar. So the only solution is to shutdown and restart my PC.


If I start the game with firewall disabled, it works. It also helps if I remove the game from firewall rules as it is then detected and I get the allow/block window.


It's annoying though, that I have to do it manually every time the game is updated.


Any ideas?

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Hello Vidko,


I tried checking the DAYZ forums to see if they have any information for firewalls and playing the game.

They have nothing, which i feel is a huge flaw for customers and compatibility issues.

Game development companies usually are aware of the services that may cause impact and write a FAQ for those issues.


There is always a way around terminating a process without shutting down. You cannot use Ctrl alt del ? or Alt-tab to switch off of the app ?


Regarding the hanging after the update, it may be that the firewall is adding a rule for a particular set of parameters, and after the update, things are changing.


Which means you may need to add the exception in a different manner .

I will continue to see what i can find, in hopes i can help. ;)

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Learning mode doesn't help. Same problem. I checked the rules, and saw that there are multiple dayz.exe entries:








I deleted them all, started the game and the window opened that dayz.exe wants to communicate as it should. I allowed it. Then I also added dayz.exe to the list of applications excluded from check of modification detection.


Will report back in three days when dayz will be updated again.

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Glad to see I'm not the only one. Exact same issue. It may have something to do with BattleEye, the anticheat the game uses, and their relationship with ESET's rules. For some reason, unlike most games which remain secured by the ruleset DayZ has problems every update like this. At least recently. It's either that Eset has changed functionality or DayZ standalone has.

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Does switching to learning mode prior to playing the game help?

No sir!


Only way to get DayZ to work with Eset is to let it into exceptions. Not the optimal solution but it's what it is. The problem seems to truly be that while Eset recognizes DayZ running, it doesn't approve Battle-Eye which breaks the application running.

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