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Static Group vs Dynamic Group policy application

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We have one desktop computer that requires some additional scanning exclusions other than what we have set up in our standard desktop policy. We have a Windows Desktop Dynamic Group which applies the appropriate policies to all Desktop computers. I want to have a Static Group for this one special desktop computer that has a policy that only adds the additional exclusions necessary.

My question is - do the policies applied to the Dynamic Group still apply and will the policy with the additional exclusions add or replace the existing exclusions?

A quick read through the documentation did not reveal any info about how the policies apply in this situation.

Thanks for any input.

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I would recommend to create policy and assign it directly to this device instead of creating specific static group just for this - especially in case there won't be many devices.

Regarding question whether exclusions will be replaced or extended, it depends on order in which policies are applied (see documentation) and also on configuration of configuration policy. For this, see icons on right side, as seen in following picture:


where you can select behavior of merging lists applied in multiple policies.

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