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Error 404 - Web Console

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When you open the web console, you are asked to confirm the security, and after issuing the page with an error.

List of installed packages: yum install xorg-x11-server-xvfb cifs-utils qtwebkit

yum install openldap-clients cyrus-sasl-gssapi cyrus-sasl-ldap

yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk tomcat

Server-Linux-x86_64.sh  - ESMC All services are up and running.

Selinux and firewall are turned off.

Please tell me what you can do in this situation.




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From your second screenshot seems that you are actually connecting to some Apache HTTP server, not Apache Tomcat -> I think there is conflict on listening port 80/443, and you should either uninstall Apache HTTP server if not used, or change ports used. Please verify which ports are used by which application/process and make sure you are connecting to Apache Tomcat (it will be most probably visible as process named "java" in PS output).

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