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Access to webcam

Don Olson

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My computer guy recently sold me ESET software, saying it's the best security software available. I have no reason to doubt this.  Since starting this, ESET sends messages daily or more frequently that some company (sometimes Microsoft, sometimes others I've never heard of) after they attempt to enter my webcam.  My computer guy says no problem. Give them access.  But why would any company want to have access to my webcam?  Sounds fishy. I've never been asked about this type of thing before.  Maybe MacAfee (my previous security software) wasn't catching these attempts. Or maybe it just doesn't matter and I am not in any danger.  

Can someone provide me with some definition on companies getting access to my webcam?  Is someone trying to peep at me as I work?  Nerve-wracking.  Thanks, 

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I'd recommend uninstalling ESET and installing the latest version 12.0.31 from scratch to ensure that all possible existing webcam rules are reset.

To control web camera access for applications on Windows 10, open the system setup -> Privacy -> Camera. By default all applications have access allowed.

Last but not least, you wrote that a computer guy sold you an ESET license. Please make sure it's registered in your name and with your email address or it may cause issues in the future, especially when purchasing a renewal. If the license is registered to you, you should have received a registration email with your license key included that is to be used to activate your ESET product after installation.

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