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eset not showing in contex menu on mint 13

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hello .


i just installed NOD32 running on my mint 13 machine .

i have tried to add the option to scan a file via the context menu associated with each file/icon (ie : right click and select from drop down menu) with no luck .

i have set : preferences > user > context menu > (checked) integrate into context menu .

i have rebooted the machine .

i have looked for *something* akin to the "desktop file manager" as mentioned on the context menu page mentioned above ... not found .


is this a problem unique to the mint version(s) of 'nix ?

the "scan with eset" option that i have in the windows flavor of "smart security 7" is sorely missed at this point .


also , perhaps for future consideration , a place on the desktop to drag-n-drop a file/folder for scanning would be a great asset .



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