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ESMC Agent can not connect to use "repair"

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I have an environment like the diagram below:


Everything on version 7.0 and Virtual Appliances.

My problem is the lack of "roaming clients" communication with the ESMC Server after installation through a "complete installer" in which all settings are included.

After repairing the installation with "program and functions" and puting exactly the same data (IP and port of the ESMC server and the PROXY server), the agent suddenly connects without any problem. Configuration of the installer, policy attached to the installer checked 10 times.

What may be the problem?

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We won´t be able to judge, without seeing the status html / trace log from one of the affected clients, and also ideally your settings, to validate whether they are correctly configured.

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Hi Radokizi,

  • could you be please more specific about what kind of complete installer did you use? How it was set up?
  • Can you install a diagnostic software (like Wireshark) and check where are the Agents connecting (while failing to reach the ESMC Server)?

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