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Sync custom domain security groups

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How do I add users of custom security groups to ERA?

I created an Engineering group in Admin > User Management. Then in Admin > Server Tasks I created a User Sync task to populate the Engineering group in User Management but only the default security groups like Backup Operators and DHCP Users are shown. I tried inputting the SID of my Engineering security group manually and the task completes successfully but the group in ERA has no users.

EDIT: In the Sync Task, I changed the Node Filter from (|(objectCategory=organizationalUnit)(objectCategory=container)) to (|(objectCategory=organizationalUnit)(objectCategory=container)(objectCategory=group)). After this change I could see my groups when I browse AD but the users are still not added to the Engineering group in Admin > User Management.

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As far as I know this is currently not possible, we only support OU in user and computer synchronization tasks. (That is OU have one to many relation while Security Groups have many to many relation to users)

May I ask why you want to sync security group?


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