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ESMC: show clients with pending policy application

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I'd like to know if there's a way of knowing the following:

1. In ESMC, I create a policy and apply it to a group
2. There's a list of the PC's that received the policy, but I can see no synthetic summary (eg "policy applied to 35 clients") and the list cannot be organized by subgroups.
3. There's no list of PC's that are in the group, but are not applying the policy (due to being offline or any other reason, e.g. conflicting policies)

Point no. 3 is very important for certain tasks, eg applying a policy to migrate to another ESMC server (or to the VA, which I'm trying to achieve)


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Hello @database

What I have in mind for the point 3 is to create a report, that will show you the policy application status for a specific computers.

You can either filter it per specific policy, or sort the report by policy, so you see all of them.



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Thank you MichalJ,

this is working quite well. Filtering by policy name, I'm getting a list of PC's where the policy is applied, with object count. I can compare the 131 total clients from the Dashboard to 107 now complying with the policy.

If I could get the non compliant hostnames, that would be cool. Maybe I'm missing a negative filter? I'll try to combine more filters ("show all clients with Agent installed, where policy Listen_to_VA is not present)

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