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ESET Filesecurity on a RDS environment

Guest sindbad

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Guest sindbad



I saw this thread and I would love to know more or any other suggestions.

Right now when a user logs in the terminal, he will see a ESET splash screen. I have the policy, hide ESET splash screen, but it does not work on terminal. Why?

Recommendations for a RDS environment is In the Policy application order window, click Add Policy. Select the check box next to the policy select the policy "File Security for Windows Server – Visibility silent mode" and click OK.


Anything else? or is that the only policy that I need to apply?

In other words, policy splash screen will not work on rds, I have to apply Visibily Silent? That is it?



This is only for Citrix?

. (only Citrix servers) Scan file execution events and local drives only

  2. Click Real-time file system protection from the main menu on the left and expand Basic.
  1. Turn off the following four features by clicking the slider bars next to Network drives, File open, File creation and Removable media access and then click OK.


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