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Best Practice ESET Installation - when booting Multiple PC´s out of one Image


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one of our Clients has following case:  

He has a locked boot-file (citrix) with ESET Endpoint Security installed, and then boots multiple Computer´s out of it.

Now every time he boots a "new" Computer up it creates a new database entry, which is good in terms of licensing because it creates an accurate view. The problem now was that his Computer count (for that section) doubled every day, so I designed him an Dynamic Group + 'Server' Task concept that deletes the entries, and releases the license from Computers booted out of that image after a certain time.

His question was if this is best practice or if there is an better way to solve this situation.

I wasn't able to find any Articles regarding this, so i thought id just ask here before opening a support ticket.

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  • ESET Staff

Could you be more specific of ERA/ESMC version used and confirm that you mean duplicating devices as seen in ERA/ESMC console?

ESMC 7.0 introduced support for cloning & VDI environment that should target this issue (see documentation) - if ESMC is used, could you check whether used VDI environment is listed as supported?

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Thanks for your response MartinK, 

i sadly dont have too much information about it since i only was there for limited time and focused on the migration form ERA to ESMC.

Thank you for the link, i will try to figure out if they have a VDI supported environment and set it up properly. 

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