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Today i bought my ESET license for EIS (3 years, 3 devices). I would like to take this opportunity to express some perplexities on the procedure.
A) The strange feeling starts while clicking on any well designed ESET portal from the West and being redirected to the scantily designed one in Chinese. Less offers, less choice, scarce descriptions, no discounts and so forth.

B) English option is available but by default the page opens in Chinese. Many foreigners live in Asia, not all of them speak Chinese. If someone is in a hurry, it is hard to see that small language option on the right top (I missed it a few times while checking).

C) The whole portal in Chinese (my understanding is that it is based in Hong Kong) looks really like a scam. I would suggest a proper redesign in line with the ESET standards.

D) During the payment process the user is redirected to a set of local banking websites that are entirely in Chinese, no English available. Again, since we are inserting personal data and essentially signing a contract, it would be appropriate for ESET to make sure that the banks they use do offer English while proceeding. I had many doubts while finalizing my purchase.

E) The whole set of pages (always in Chinese) ESET opens once payment is done is, again, misleading. Can't you just open 1 page (In English or offering such choice) with both serial number, product quick guide/user manual and the rest in a single package that is duplicated both on the web (saved as both webpage or screenshot) and as a mail?

F) A word on support in Hong Kong and how the portal works. I have been testing EIS for months (i had to do a lot of tricks to have multiple 30 days tests, another thing i find humiliating as a user. Sometimes a month is not enough, ESET must have realized as they offered one extra month on my mobile, without me asking, for a variety of reasons i assume). The first problem i had was in picking the right suite. Multi-device and EIS are essentially the same. So why not just say that EIS can also go on mobiles and remove one option? When i asked the Asian support, language barriers made things more complicated. Their answers were very quick compared to any other AV seller; they were also very professional in replying. But the language barrier caused a lot of issues on my side (and i do speak Chinese but typing slow i preferred to use English).

G) Discounts and offers should reflect in the Asian portal. It is disappointing for example to click on an offer or on a coupon offering a discount on a product to then be redirected to an Asian portal where none of those offers is valid. It may eventually end up by causing customer churn.



- Standardize the user experience across all portals

- Add English language during the whole purchasing process

- Add a clear option for English in the main portal for Asia (can you do in such a way that the portal detects the language of the browser being used and automatically sets itself for that language or at least asks the user?).

- Support in Asia is by far superior than other AV sellers. Yet at times the language barrier affects undersanding and answers might not be really spot on. This is not really a complaint as i got what i needed to understand in the end.


I believe these improvements can contribute to really change the user experience in the portals for the better

Happy New Year.


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