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Banking & Payment Protection doesn't open with Brave

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When I try to open Banking & Payment Protection with Brave as my default browser nothing happens, Brave uses Chromium so I thought it would be compatible just like Chrome.

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System Requirements

Supported browsers: Internet Explorer (, Chrome (, and Firefox (


Also noted in the article is for best compatibility with BP&P, it is recommended that you set your default browser to IE11.

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13 hours ago, itman said:

it is recommended that you set your default browser to IE11.

IE11 may be preferred by ESET, but banks find IE11 outdated.

A few weeks ago the website of my bank suddenly showed a message saying that banking would still be possible with IE11, but only with restricted functionality. To continue banking as usual, switching to Chrome or Firefox was advised. (I can't remember if Edge was mentioned as well.)

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Tornado and AGH1965,

In the hopes this may help, I would recommend trying Firefox. You could even use it just for banking and payment if you have another favorite browser for normal use.

ESET will create a Firefox profile that is isolated from the default profile, this allows different settings in the two profiles. An example is you can choose not to save history in B&P and to save in regular browser and any other settings you want to change.

If your bank is not recognized as a B&P site you can configure it to do so under security tools>Banking and Payment> hit the gear on the right for advanced settings and insert your site's URL then when you open the configured site with Firefox you would open it with in B&P (as per your settings) even if its not the default browser.

This is at least an alternative to IE11 at this point, not trying to force anything (you might not like Firefox) just giving an alternative. -- Hope this helps some - ebill 

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