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I have currently a Internet Security with 2 PC subscription. I have to renew in April and this time I would like to change it to a 5 devices subscription.  Should I wait the end of my current subscription and then buy a 5 device subscription? Or there is a way to convert my current subscription to a 5 devices one?



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Hello Martin. I guess you have a couple choices. You can look around (Amazon, Newegg...etc...I'd avoid eBay-_-) to see if you can find a good deal on a 5 license package (just don't forget to check ESET's store https://www.eset.com/us/home-store/ ). Or you could also contact ESET sales in San Diego (I do believe they handle Canada) at 1-844-824-3738 M-F 6AM-5PM PT and see what kind deal they can do you. The order you choose to do this process in is up to you.

It's not a dilemma, just do your homework and you'll be fine.;)




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The thing I find confusing, I can upgrade to Internet Security Premium but on the device side it talk about PC. I want to protect my Android Phone at the same time. If I get a licenses with 5 PC it also include other OS?

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