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How to revert back a detected threat that I chose to "ignore" to "cleaned"

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I've done fresh a new installation of windows 10 and through the process of intalling various programs,

I installed the latest vertion of μtorrent from filehippo and it turns out the latest vertion is full of ads and eset warned me three times of three different threats recently found ( 3 days ago ) of μtorrent behavior, I thought it was unimmportant before opening the program and chose to ignore all three, but after opening the mess that it the latest vertion I instantly uninstalled it to find an older adless ( and apparently adwareless too ) vertion and searched how to revert back the filters to clean the mess...

I can see the log files in the tools tab but I couldnt figure out or find on the web how to revert back the action took from "ignore" to "clean"

i'm sure this question has been asked many times and i'm sorry in advence for the inconvenience !

Thanks for the help !

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μtorrect clients are not detected as a threat (malware) but as a potentially unwanted application which is an optional detection.

If you have selected to ignore a PUA in the past that you would like to detect and remove now, make sure that detection of PUA is enabled and run a full disk scan.

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