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Eset Internet Security GUI crashes sometimes

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My Eset GUI occasionally crashes when accessing firewall settings.  Maybe that's not the reason it crashes and is only a coincidence, but none the less it still crashes. It will freeze up when accessing Firewall application settings, and sometimes crash. Has anyone else had any problem with Eset GUI freezing up, and crashing?

I think maybe it has something to do with enabling diagnostic mode under the firewall application rules for an application since that is what I did 5 minutes before the GUI stopped responding. Diagnostics worked since it gave me a few notifications about connection attempts, I definitely didn't receive enough that would overwhelm my system leading to the freeze. I only received a few notification in the 5 minute period that I used it. It was when I tried accessing the Firewall application settings again to disable diagnostic mode that the GUI stopped responding, and the GUI completely crashed about 10 minutes after that.

I just sent a service request through Eset Application. I sent Eset Logs I collected after the GUI crashed. The crash doesn't happen often, but it shouldn't be crashing at all. I sent a service request in with logs, but if Eset staff here would like me to send them the logs by email then let me know. I don't post log files on open forums.

I'm using Eset Internet Security on Windows 10 x64 version 1709.

Network Protection Window.jpg

GUI crash.jpg

Eset GUI restarting.jpg

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