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ESET is launching a redesign of the ESET Threat Blog site (the former hxxp://blog.eset.com/) with a new more modern-looking web site, We Live Security www.welivesecurity.com

A good deal of the content ESET has been publishing at the ESET Threat Blog site has been geared towards a more technical audience with things like malware and threat analysis. The We Live Security blog is going to continue that tradition with what's known as "Expert Opinon" content, but we are also going to start adding consumer-focused content to the mix that is updated more frequently (i.e., on a daily basis). it will also serve as the new location for the ESET Malware Report podcasts, which had been largely obscured on the main ESET web site.

We will appreciate your feedback on how well the site works, as well as any problems you may come across when visiting the site.

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