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Hi, folks.  First Timer -- First time posting.

I have a LenovoPad TB-X103F I bought about a year back, and while I've run ESET scans far more than once since I've owned it, just about a month or two ago the aforementioned virus/malware/snoopware whatever-ware showed up.  I followed the instructions given, to force close and disable as it is a system file and can't be deleted, but I can't even disable it; disable is ghosted out.  Several attempts by myself and others to contact Lenovo in their own forums about this seem to fall on deaf ears.

I'm currently using the free version of ESET on my tablet and phone, but have purchased the real McCoy for years for our PCs and laptops.  Any  help is greatly appreciated.  Cheers.


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2 minutes ago, Marcos said:

If it's a pre-installed application which is detected and cannot be removed, you should be able to disable it at least.

As I said in my initial post though, I cannot.  Disable is ghosted out and can't be clicked on.

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