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Windows Defender and ESET Smart Security both turned off?

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My PC just updated to Windows 1809, so I decided to try ESET Smart Security 12, but even after I let is scan my entire PC, it takes about 20 minutes scanning my PC on every boot. It's mixed SSD (250gb) and SSHD (2 TB). It's a well loaded system, but ESET 9 takes about 60 seconds to finish the start-up scan. From what I've seen on-line, this seems to be a common problem with ESET after version 9 onwards. If that's how much of a system hog ESET is now, I'll be saying 'Farewell'. (in both cases I always remove Startup Scan from the scheduler). I find this resource hogging absolutely horrific and unacceptable, when I've rebooted I want my CPU and Disk activity at ZERO, I work in pro audio and waiting 30 minutes for ESET to hog the system resources is time a wasted.

Anyway, I've tried going back to version 9.0.429.2 and I keep getting:
Windows Defender and ESET Smart Security are both turned off

They aren't. Everything is good. According to ESET and Defender. The message appears right at the end of everything starting up.

I've tried uninstalling and clearing up with the ESET uninstall tool (safe mode) and re-installing version 9 (after reboot obviously) several times. Exactly the same problem occurs. I'm protected, but the alert at the end of rebooting is annoying as hell.

When I try:

ecmd.exe /registerav

The message just repeats, If I open the widows alert it shows me windows firewall as being off, but ESET firewall as being on. If I close the message (which is in Windows Security - Security at a glance) and go back into the exact same place - Windows Security - security at a glance - the Windows firewall message has gone (without intervention) and everything looks OK.

What is occurring?

(By the way, further testing shows I only get this when 'rebooting' - not when shutdown/powerup (faststarting) or resuming from sleep),

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after I let is scan my entire PC, it takes about 20 minutes scanning my PC on every boot

It is not clear what you mean by this statement. Do you really run a full disk scan each time the system starts? By default, ESET scans memory as well as autostart locations at system startup and after each update so no additional on-demand scans are actually needed.

The time it takes to scan a disk depends on the amount of files and the type of files that are stored on the disk. E.g. the more archives you have, the longer it takes since the scanner needs to unpack each archive first. Also since v9 was introduced, we've started to scan many other archive types which also contributes to longer scan times if archives previously not unpacked are now unpacked and fully scanned.

What can cause resource hog is when there are issues with Windows Security Center and the system doesn't disable Windows Defender after ESET registers to WSC.

I've found out that Microsoft has fixed some issues with 3rd party AVs in 17763.104 (Insider Preview) so it'd be good to know if that (or newer) version of Windows 10 makes a difference. Another possibility is that the WMI repository is corrupted. To start off, please provide me with logs gathered by ESET Log Collector. If there's an issue with the WMI repository, try to repair it as per https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/8ed26d46-9994-4052-a307-5b071805aea8/wmi-corrupt-how-to-reinstallrepair. If that doesn't help, logs from the WMI Diagnosis Utility (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=7684) may be needed and the case will need to be tracked properly by creating a regular support ticket.

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