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1) I use Xubuntu 18.04 LTS X64. From a week or so my daily updates are ultra slow, sometimes I must restart manually the update process.


2) I ran Eset SysRescue  CD and had to download about 99 000 KBytes for the database. After 30 minutes, it had only loaded 500 KBytes so I gave up.


What is wrong ?


Thank you.

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3 hours ago, fidelius2 said:

I did not touch to AppArmor, I leave everything as is. The problem solved itself, it was my ISP fault.

No it's not related to your question , it's a general question , because Ubuntu do use AppArmor , and ESET and AppArmor are not compatible/conflicts with eachother.

I do use ESET and Ubuntu , but AppArmor keeps blocking it , I thought you've done some kind of workaround to it.

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