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Eset Mail Security for Exchange: Mail Quarantine Web Interface

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We have got multiple servers running under DAG with Eset Mail Security for Exchange v7 installed.

Cluster mode is enabled no issues at all. Mail Quarantine Web Interfaces is also enabled with local fqdn of servers.

I have to check every servers when i need to release single or bunch of emails.

ı had this issue when using v6 aswell.

I thought this issue has been fixed when i saw  this one below in release notes.

  • Added: Centralized management of local mail quarantines in cluster

Does something wrong with my configuration ? or is this normal?

thanks in advance


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  • Administrators

Please refrain from bumping topics, especially if less than 24 hours have elapsed since you've posted.

I'm not sure if a developer of EMSX will be around before the new year to answer your question. Since this forum is not an official support channel but rather a place where users share their knowledge with other advanced users, moderators and ESET staff, we kindly ask you to create a support ticket with your local customer care as well.

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  • ESET Staff

Hallo Zafer, thank you very much for your post and using our product. We really appreciate your questions.

Please check setting under Advanced settings (F5) -> Server -> Mail Quarantine -> Mail Quarantine (section) -> "Use ESET Cluster to store all quarantined message on one node".


If you have activated ESET cluster and previous mentioned setting is activated (+Master node), you can manage all quarantined messages from one Master node.

I hope, that it will be helpful. If have any question feel free to ask.

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