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ELA vs. EBA login credentials

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Upgrading to v7,I noticed that there is a EBA and no ELA.  Can someone clarify what the difference between those two are?  I've used ELA previously and I don't see any buttons to send me to the ELA site (in the License Manager) but there is a button to go to the EBA.

Now reading previous threads, I came across Marcos stating that ELA is going to be discontinued and EBA will be the go-to site for license administrations.  What I'm wondering is whether or not the login credentials for ELA are automatically created in EBA or do I need to create my own?



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ELA is a legacy portal for managing business licenses and will be discontinued in the future as you wrote. Some new products, such as ESET Dynamic Threat Defense, require to be activated using an EBA account.

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EBA is a successor of ELA, that means to address some of the issues ELA had.

  1. Switching concepts of "License Owner" (the one logging with the license key) and "Security Admin" (has account, and license delegated by the LO) to a fully hierarchical structure, when there is "root admin" and he has users, with different access rights. Behavior of the application is defined by root admin, and not by application architecture.
  2. EBA also represents "customer entity" from the POW of future authentication to ESET Cloud Solutions (ECA but also few upcoming ones).

If you are using ERA 6.5 or EMSC 7.x you can still use both. The license add screen is implemented in the way, that you can enter either EBA or ELA credentials, and it would resolve them automatically. The same is valid for local activations. We just changed the "wording" to be future proof and refer a product that will be further developed and enhanced.

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I just upgraded to ESMC 7 and it sent me to the EBA page, where i migrated from ELA. However, i don't even find a way to sort the list of devices in EBA, something that i could do in ELA, and that is very important for finding duplicate devices. Can this be done somehow on EBA?

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