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Windows Firewall Blocking Ekrn.exe?

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Win 10 Home x(64) 1803, Internet Security 12.0.31

For the first time ever, saw the below Event Log entry today after cold boot. Everything system and Eset wise appears to be OK and functioning normally. Boot was extremely slow  however. Might be just a startup glitch due to Windows Security Center not fully initialized?



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4 hours ago, Rami said:

Why is the Windows Firewall running?

It starts at boot time and its front-end processing is disabled when Windows Security Center initializes. Note that the Eset GUI processing which includes its firewall rules doesn't fully initialize until WCS initializes. Also the Eset firewall does interface with the Win firewall for its inbound rule processing which is enabled by default. Bottom line - the Win firewall is not fully disabled and non-operational when the Eset firewall is enabled. Eset's firewall processing does however take precedence over the Win firewall processing. Hence when you view the Win firewall settings in Control Panel, it is noted the Eset firewall is "managing" the Win firewall operation.

Anyway, my original posting is no longer an issue, at least presently, since I just upgraded to Win 10 1809.

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