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Device control blocks HDD


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Hi, I'm using device control to block removable drives, I blocked "disk storage" which seems to work fine for everyone except one particular machine where it blocked the second partition of the internal hard drive. Am I missing something obvious or should I choose another type of device instead of "disk storage"? Portable device maybe?

The computer is Windows XP 5.1.2600 running ESET Endpoint Security 6.5.2132.2.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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It is only possible to block whole devices (e.g. hard disks), not only particular partitions. Check the system Device manager and post a screen shot of where the troublesome disk appear in the device tree.

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Update to this issue:

I couldn't figure out the problem, so I just created a rule to whitelist the HDD. I noticed afterwards that the HDD appears to Windows as a removable device, i.e. it has a removable icon in the task bar and can be removed like a USB drive, even though in the device manager it appears as a normal HDD. Which is probably why ESET sees it as a removable device and tries to block it, but since the first partition is the boot drive and likely can't be blocked, it ended up blocking the second partition.

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