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That is down to luck and can change as I have grabbed files from your favourite site and its loaded with adware even tough link claims its clean, ESS will detect it and at times you can unpack the junk using 7-Zip.


I have no clue why on earth anyone would grab files from a 3rd party when the vendor hosts it. 

It is possible it's only luck, but if they're really heading the route like the other sites i'm sure we'll hear more about it in the future as more people would find out.


Sure the vendor/developer site is always the best no doubt, but there are vendors that provides free software that get's an income from the bundling, piriform is no exception. Wich is why I said above that a second thought before clicking on the download link is good even when we're downloading directly from the vendor.  

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I've always DL'd CCleaner from Major Geeks and have never seen a single file packed with anything, let alone 5 number signs ;)

I've been downloading from Majorgeeks for longer than I can remember (probably about a dozen years) and they make their money from the advertising on the site. I have never seen them add anything to a download. If nothing else Filehippo is an official mirror for Piriform products and they add nothing either. CNET on the other hand...

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