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MDM Peer Certificate Problem

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Hello ESET,

i have an issue with MDM and peer certificates (not https):

Agent on MDM (based on VA) is replicating to ESMC-Server.
MDMCore is not replicating, gets "SSL Error"
MDMCore is using a proxy certificate provided by ESMC-Server.

At first i should say that i created a new CA and server/agent-certificates after installation of ESMC and configured the new server-cert in server-settings.
Everything is running fine except MDM. While installing MDM with webconsole-connection it got a proxy-certificate from old CA. I tried to change this (unneccessarily while hunting other errors) and in the end revoked all certificates by old CA and deleted the old CA (maybe not clever).

I reinstalled MDM-VA with base64-certificates exported from ESMC.

Is there any component in the ESMC that may still use a certificate provided by the old CA?
How can i deploy a valid certificate to MDM?

Thanks in advance!


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i think i figured it out. i changed multiple things, so i don't know which one did it:

- set server to advanced security (for ios12)
- generated a new proxy-cert without a passphrase and with * as servername - works.

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