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removable media scan

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I have EIS removable scan option set to show scan options.  Works good. 

A question.  When i insert a removable media, when i ask it to scan the device - the scan is finished in 2-4 seconds.  When i open W.Explorer & find the removable device (Derive d) - ask eset to scan the drive - Eset will scan it for up to 3 minutes.  This is quite a difference in scan time.

I ask, as i want to be sure any removable media/device can be scanned if i ask it to.  Especially thumb/jump drives that come from another pc.   Thanks.

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Turns out EIS IS doing a removable media scan when i ask it to.  My mistake.  Sorry.

I just renewed EIS license, because of this forum, & because i trust ESET is doing the job, even when i don't understand it.  So keep up the good work.  Appreciated.

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