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Contrôle des peripheriques (Device Control)

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Bonjour, je suis un souci avec mon réseau. Une notification empoisonnement cache arp qui s affiche.Quand j ouvre mon contrôle de périphérique, je vois le pc d'une personne vivante chez moi qui clignote et qui se trouve sur mon routeur.Sous mon routeur il y a marqué il? j'ai peur que cette personne pirate mon PC par ce moyen.


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I have a problem with my network. An arp cache poisoning notification is displayed. When I open my device control, I see the pc of a living person at home who is flashing and who is on my router. Under my router there is marked it? I'm afraid this person will hack my PC this way.


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Since this is an English forum, we kindly ask you to post in English, otherwise moderators and most of users will not understand and won't be able to help you.

Regarding the ARP cache poisoning detection, this occurs if an ARP response is received from a different MAC address than it was previously received (e.g. if more network adapters sharing the same IP address are installed, e.g. for load balancing purposes).

As for Device Control, this feature serves for controlling access to peripherals, such as USB devices, disk storage devices, USB printers, etc. It has nothing to do with devices in your network or with firewall IDS detections.

If you suspect that an unauthorized person connects through your wi-fi, make sure that encryption (ideally WPA2-PSK) is enabled. Do not use a weak key which could be easily guessed by other persons.

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