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Secondary Ip Address showing up in ESMC V7


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ESET Security Management Center (Server), Version 7.0 (7.0.577.0)

ESET Security Management Center (Web Console), Version 7.0 (7.0.429.0)

After Upgrading from ERA v6.5 to ESMC V7 , Still Client facing issue regarding secondary ip address which i have already submitted in past topic.

Here are some screenshots,





Still Some clients ip address not showing up in EMSC. 



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3 hours ago, Amity_Support said:

any update

I have checked internal release notes, and fix wrong order of IP addresses should be present in this release, but it was targeting issue where multiple IP addresses of the same adapter were wrongly ordered. It seems you might have different problem, or data in main clients view is not refreshed after just order of addresses was fixed...

Could you please execute following PowerShell script on problematic client machine:

Get-WmiObject -Query "select * from Win32_NetworkAdapter where NetConnectionStatus = 2" | 
ForEach-Object {
    Get-WmiObject -Query "associators of {$_} where ResultClass = Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration"

and compare order of adapters and order of IP addresses as seen in ESMC console?

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