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I can't see "Refer your friend" button!

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guys , all of things now is good and normal !

I think this is problem of some services on ESET servers ...

Some times i saw that and some times i can not


I think that will be good if refer code import to live installer and does not need for connect to such online servers for refer code

If you want to disable this service for some country just redirect to another installer ...

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License ID: 3AF-XS3-XBD
Username: EAV-0248442614
Computer name: WIN-6L1LN33GPN9
Seat name: WIN-6L1LN33GPN9
Product name: ESET Smart Security Premium
Product version:
Operating system: Windows 8.1 Pro(32-bit)
Machine: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7660U CPU @ 2.50GHz


I could not see "refer button" !

Please import that in online installer that does not need connect to such server ...

some of my friends can not see this button ..

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One of admin inform me change my country before ban 😂

ok i’m from another country but this problem has been  solved?

We have problem with this feature in asia,europe,usa israel, russia 😕

you said this is enabled for some country !

i think you mean some other planet 😉😁

This is so important before release of product:

if you can not continue a way , don’t start.

I’m sure this feature is sth like promo code and periodically will be enable and disable 😊💐 

That is why you don’t input this code on online installer file and need to connect to some server 😊

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I have a solution to this issue.

Drop the GUI referral option altogether. Return to the prior e-mail based referral option as done in the past: https://www.dmnews.com/channel-marketing/social/news/13059759/eset-deploys-forwardtoafriend-emails-to-boost-sales-and-customer-acquisition which is less likely to be abused. Also, the forum won't be cluttered up with never ending postings about the issue.

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Hi all,

I have EIS 12.0.31 installed on two different devices: 1) Windows 10 Pro, 1809, 64 bit; 2) Windows 10 Home, 1803, 64 bit. In the first one, I had this "problem" too, I could not see "Refer your friend" button. But accidentally, running System File Checker command into CMD (sfc /scannow) to solve another problem not related to ESET and rebooting the system, now I can see "Refer your friend" button again. I don't know, maybe it's just a coincidence :)

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