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Getting "permission" error while trying to back up to exterior hard drives


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I am only currently running Eset for anti-virus and malware. No other security software except Windows firewall. The error listed below is new as of the last few weeks. The backup process has been the same for about six months.


While trying to backup to exterior hard drives (using FreeFileSync), I keep getting these different "permissions" errors. I am logged in to Win7 as Admin. This also happens some times using Windows Explorer.


Any help figuring this out would be much appreciated.




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I can imagine this would happen for the following reasons:

- a file on a HDD is detected (threat or PUA) and access to the file is blocked by real-time proteciton

- a file that takes longer to scan (e.g a larger sfx archive) is copied to the external drive but the backup software doesn't wait until it's scanned completely and returns an error


Please post a screen shot of the error.

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