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Eset detects threads but do not clean them

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Recently I bought an ESET Internet security on my PC. Eset detected 14 threats 0 cleaned. I couldn't see an delete, quarantine, ignore option( as my dad has on his computer). After that i ran only C: and D: drive  scan, this time it detected 18 threats. But did nothing still 0 cleaned. Only option I had was to click "finish"  button. I am still unable clean those files (18).



Im in Slovakia so its Slovak 

                                                                                                                                                   xx.xx.xxxx xx:xx:xx                                

Found threads: 18 (cleaned: 0) 

Version of virus signature database: etc.                                                                                       Finish





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Are you positive that you didn't run the scan with cleaning disabled? If you open scan details, are there any errors while cleaning logged?


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Following up on @Marcos reply, open the Eset GUI. Click on "Advanced setup." Open the Malware scans section, then the  THEATSENSE PARAMETERS section under Smart scan. Ensure that the Cleaning  level option is set to "Normal cleaning" as shown in the below screen shot.

If it is not so set, change it to Normal cleaning. Click on the "OK" tab to save you settings. Finally, run another scan.



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Malvare scans - Cleaning level - Normal Cleaning








: Smart Control

Scan without cleaning

: Scan as Administrator



Still nothing I ran another test with Normal Cleaning and witch unchecked Scan without cleaning. This time i found 22 threads bud still 0 scleaned


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We need a screen shot of the Eset Computer Scan log for the last scan you ran. Open up the that log file. It should show what files Eset detected threats in.  The screen shot should show all the files where no cleaning was possible.


My best guess at this point is:

1. The files infected are system files. The OS has a lock on those files preventing Eset from cleaning them. -EDIT- Also, Eset's "cleaning" consists primarily of deleting and quarantining the file. It obviously won't do this for OS system files. 

2. The malware installed or modified file permissions to System level which again would prevent Eset from accessing them.

Another thing you can try is to boot into Windows Safe mode and repeat the previous "Scan as Administrator" scan you performed. In Safe mode, less OS files are locked down and/or loaded.

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