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Any way to change license key without making new installer and installing ?

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We are thinking about migrating from Kaspersky to ESET, so I signed up for the trial, and received the 25 computer, 30 day license for Endpoint Security.  I made an installer using this license key and installed  Endpoint Security to a handful of computers. 

Now the 30 days is nearly up, so I see if I can renew this trial license.   Trying to renew tells me to "Contact My Reseller."  Of course, there isn't a reseller as this is a trial license directly from ESET.  So, I purchased a 5 computer license from the ESET website, that gives me a new key.  This shows up in my business account, but of course the computers I installed are using the old, about to expire, trial license.  I can't see a way to assign this new license to the computers that are already running ESET.  

Is there anyway to keep using ESET on these computers without having to make a new installer using the new key then manually uninstall and reinstall ESET?

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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Since you have only few machines that are probably not managed through ESET Security Management Center or ESET Cloud Administrator, you can enter your license key in the Endpoint gui here:


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