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unable to uninstall era agent

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Dear all!

I am tring to uninstall an ESET Remote Admin Agent ver 6.3. I tried nod av remover, eset uninstaller, uninstall from ERAS server, from client site no success. From client side if i start uninstalling, or installing no matter, it keeps asking for Agent_x64.msi installation package. From support.eset.com from the  6.3 section i downloaded the agent both x64 and x86 none worked getting a "not valid installation package" messeage. This is a remote pc, booting from safe mode is not an option. Edit: i also tried creating a full installation package from ERAS server, and start to install, still bumping to the agent.msi error

Please give me an idea, how to proceed. 

Thank you

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Remote admin tools have an option to re-establish connection after booting to safe mode where you could run the ESET Uninstall tool to remove the era agent completely. Wouldn't that be an option? Then you could install the latest version of the ESMC agent from scratch.

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