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we are business user and using Eset Remote Administrator (version 5.1.34) in combination with Eset Endpoint Antivirus clients (version 5.0.2126.0).

We noticed that server could not update virus signature database, it's stuck on version 9295. Update server is set to ''Choose automatically''.

Clients whose policy is configured to update virus sig. database directly from Internet are updating without problem.


Same problem occurred last week, miraculously reboot of server solved the problem but today it wasn't a case.

Did someone had a similar problem? Every help appreciated.





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Yes, I tried also hitting "Update now" 5 times or more but without result.


I left the problem unresolved over a weekend (for 3 days).

Today I came to work, checked the Update status, it seems that problem is solved by itself. Very interesting...



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