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Problems after installing update.


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I have three Windows machines running NOD32. All were updated with version last Friday 9th November.

Since the update, Mozilla Thunderbird will not log in to Yahoo using POP on any of the machines unless I select thunderbird.exe as an excepted program in Application Protocol Filtering. If this is not done, Thunderbird just sits there forever trying to log in to Yahoo. Simply temporarily disabling NOD32 does not fix it. 

The latest release has introduced a problem. Could someone look at it please?

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Try the following:
- disable SSL/TLS filtering
- reboot the machine
- without launching any application, re-enable SSL/TLS filtering
- check if the problem persists.

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I use T-Bird e-mail on version 12.0.27 to access my AOL e-mail which is in essence now Yahoo e-mail. I don't have any issues. However, I don't use the POP/S protocol but the IMAP/S protocol.

For starters, you should verify that Eset's Windows root CA store certificate is installed in T-Bird's root CA certificate store. If it is installed, then you might as a test try switching to the IMAP/S protocol in T-Bird and see if e-mail can be retrieved. Note: Yahoo might use a different URL for their IMAP/S servers.


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Thanks for replying itman. I've spoken to an ESET support agent who has sorted it....


-Reboot machine and ensure it boots up with nothing except the normal drivers running (ie normal reboot)...

-On ESET go Setup > Advanced Setup > Web and email > Open SSL/TLS dialog > Disable "Enable SSL/TLS Protocol Filtering

-Re-enable this and close.

Problem sorted.


It's a problem that's happened some time ago apparently.

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