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Can not activate License


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Currently we are experiencing issues with activation servers. Please try again in a few moments. We hope to get the issue resolved quickly.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Same here. I already have a valid license, but when I log in to my.eset.com, and click on "ESET License Manager" , I get the message:

A verification of license ownership is now required

A verification link will be sent to email address you used for license registration [correct email address shown]

When I click on "Send verification link" the message changes to "A verification link resent", the screen dulls, and I get a sort of horizontal progress bar throbber that just keeps going forever, but no email is ever actually received (and yes I checked my spam folder, and triple checked that it's the correct email address).

Any progress on fixing the activation servers?

2018-11-11 15_28_24-Greenshot.jpg

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