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How do i turn off Program updates

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I am using version of NOD32 AntiVirus and recently it has started not just updating daily virus signatures (which is fine) but it will update the entire program whenever it wants and then wait for me to restart my computer.  I don't want the program to update unless I tell it to. The signatures are fine.  Can someone tell me where I find the setting to not let it update the program? I don't mind if it tells me there's an update but I don't want it doing it on it's own.


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You can disable application updates in the advanced update setup. However, the program will never update unless you download a new version from the Internet and install it over. It is important to keep the program version always up to date since new versions bring fixes to known issues and features which are important to keep pace with malware makers.

Program updates are released every 2-3 months so I don't think it's an issue if users are asked to restart the machine approximately 5 times a year.

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