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Shared Local Cache Best Practices

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Just looking for some best practices for the Shared Local Cache. I'm looking to deploy the OVA in VMware. What resources should I allocate to it? Which clients/servers should be connecting to the cache?

Thanks everyone.

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ESLC is beneficial primarily in the case, when you use it in an offline network, which do not use ESET Live Grid. With the recent changes in the efficiency of build in Whitelisting, and enabled Live Grid, ESLC brings very small benefits for performance gain.  We are actually considering to slowly phase out the component, as it brings a very low value. 

However, when deployed, it should be one ESLC appliance per the VMware environment. All machines on the hosts should be connected. Biggest benefit would be in case, when the machines are similar from the point of view of used software / versions / data on them. So each file is scanned only once. 

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